Instructions to collecting a urine sample at home

We try to take basic urine tests from a morning sample, which is preceded by a full 8-hour fast, if this can be accomplished. This way, a reliable result can be achieved with one sample.

On the night before, no eating or drinking after ten pm. In the morning, 0,5-1 dl of water can be drunk. The dog should not urinate for at least 6 hours before sampling. The earliest time for sampling is at 6 am (no urinating after midnight).

Before sampling, the vulva/foreskin should be washed with water and dried well (no rubbing).

The sample is collected e.g. in a well-cleaned glass jar that has the name and contact information of the owner and the dog.

The dog is allowed to urinate a little. Then place the sampling dish into the urine stream, and try to collect a sample mid-stream.

You must not touch the inside of the sample container, and the container must not touch the fur. Try to collect the sample directly from the stream to the container. You may use e.g. a clean, dry sauna ladle, from which the sample is poured into a smaller container.

The sample should be tested within half an hour from the sampling. If You must store the sample, cool it immediately to +4 ° (refrigerator) and deliver it to be tested as soon as possible.

Please note the following while sampling:

  • sample of clean catch mid-stream urine (CCMSU)
  • sample of concentrated urine (in the bladder for at least 6 hours), preceded by an 8-hour fast.
  • Aseptic sample: a clean sample of urine into a clean sampling jar.
  • fresh sample (to be tested half an hour after sampling).

In diagnosing an acute urinary tract infection, the sample must often be taken immediately, because the patient cannot hold it in for a long time. A negative result from this sample should be verified by a new test on a concentrated morning sample.

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