Urine crystals

About the illness

In the bladder, urethra and sometimes also in the kidneys of an ill dog, there are urine crystals. The formation of crystals depends on the acidity (pH) of the urine and the minerals in it. If the urethra is blocked and the animal is unable to urinate, the condition can quickly, in 1-3 days, become life-threatening. At this stage, the condition always requires quick treatment.

In some cases, treatment is surgical and in other the crystals can be dissolved and the formation of new crystals can be avoided. The treatment depends on the type and location of the crystals. In order to dissolve and prevent new crystals, the food of the animal should be changed into something that turns the qualities of the urine into as unfavourable to the formation of crystals as possible. The animal must be on this diet for the rest of its life.

Dissolving the crystals

Feed the dog e.g. Waltham Urinary High Dilution, Hill’s Prescription Dies s/d –diet food or Specific FSD, which is the only food the dog is given to until the crystals have dissolved (it takes approximately 9 weeks) and for one month afterwards.

If You wish to feed home-cooked food to the dog, we suggest that You contact a nutritionist (Kulkurinputtiikki, tel. 044 0126 021, www.kulkurinputtiikki.com), who can help You plan a diet for Your dog.

The crystals are monitored by control urine samples.

Preventing the formation of new crystals

After the crystals have dissolved, start feeding the dog preventive diet food. The dog must eat the same food for the rest of its life to prevent the formation of new crystals. Another option is home-cooked food as mentioned above.

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