Care instructions for rabbits

Fur balls in the bowel

Fur balls prevent the normal function of the bowel and may cause constipation. Liquid paraffin eases the passing of the fur balls in the bowel. Give the oil to the rabbit with a syringe a few times a day until the blockage shifts and the rabbit defecates normally. The oil must be given slowly to prevent the rabbit from inhaling it. For a small rabbit, the daily dosage is 5 ml, for a regular rabbit 10 ml. Exercise also helps move the fur balls along the bowels, as well as lightly rubbing the rabbit’s stomach a few minutes after administering the oil.

Pineapple juice dissolves fur balls. You can give it to the rabbit twice a day, 5 ml at a time, for a week.

You can prevent the formation of fur balls by brushing the rabbit, especially when the rabbit is shedding its fur.

Overgrown teeth and molar spurs

Overgrown teeth and molar spurs may cause constipation but also diarrhoea. They make eating difficult and therefore cause loss of appetite.

You should regularly give the rabbit something hard to chew on, e.g. blueberry sprigs or branches of non-toxic broadleaved trees. You should also monitor that the rabbit eats and defecates normally, and is able to eat hard foods as well. Remember that the illness may also recur.


Give hay, water and crisp bread to a rabbit suffering from diarrhoea for a couple of days. Fresh food (cucumber, tomatoes and carrots) and seeds should not be given during that time.

Because the normal bacterial strain in the gut has been disturbed due to the diarrhoea, You should give the excrement of a healthy rabbit to the patient. Mix the excrement into a paste with yoghurt, water or pineapple juice. Feed the mixture to the rabbit 5 ml twice a day for a few days.

The rabbit loses a lot of fluids during diarrhoea and its condition may worsen. Therefore, it is important to make sure the rabbit drinks enough. Porridge is also recommended, as it will provide energy, fluids and contents into the bowel to prevent it from shutting down.

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