Surgery of rabbit / rodents

Your pet has undergone surgery. The wound has been stitched with absorbable sutures, which will disappear in 2-4 weeks. If the stitches remain the wound and bother the animal, they can be carefully removed with scissors.

To prevent breathing problems, the animal should be turned from side to side every 15 minutes until the animal wakes up and can shift itself.

When waking up, the animal will be groggy, so it should be placed somewhere where it cannot hurt itself (e.g. into its own cage). The animal should be kept floor level in a warm place without a draft. The temperature can be regulated with a heat lamp or a bottle of warm water wrapped in towels. Other animals in the cage should be taken away from the patient until it is fully awake.

The patient can eat and drink as soon as it wants, and it should be encouraged to do so as soon as possible after waking up. Fresh food should be avoided during the recovery day. You can offer runny porridge or soft bread and dry hay. Seeds should be offered only after the animal has fully woken up. Water should be available always.

The wound should be kept clean and dry. For cleansing, use diluted Betadine (1:10). If the wound is swollen, red or sore, contact us.

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