Spaying a famale cat

Your pet has been anaesthetized for the surgery. It takes a few hours to wake up. Because the body temperature of the cat drops during anaesthesia, it should be put to rest in a warm and safe place, where it will not hurt itself while waking up.

In the surgery, the ovaries of the cat have been removed. The wound has been stitched with absorbable sutures, which will disappear in 2-4 weeks. If the stitches remain the wound and bother the animal, they can be carefully removed with scissors.

During waking up, the cat may exhibit restlessness, staggering, stiffness of the limbs and nausea. “Accidents” may occur, because after narcosis the sphincters of the bowels and bladder may not be fully functional and the animal may be unable to control itself. Therefore, the animal should be placed somewhere where these accidents do not cause problems. Recovery will last the whole day.

Food and water should only be offered in small amounts when the animal is fully awake, so food or water does no go “down the wrong pipe.”

Normal feeding may resume the following day.

The cat must not lick the wound! To protect the wound, use an e-collar or a “suit” made from a shirt sleeve.

The wound area may develop a firm but not tender swelling due to the absorption of the stitches. It will disappear during one month or so. If the wound area swells markedly, is sore or secretes, contact the vet.

The cat has received a pain medicine injection. It will act for approximately one day. There is usually no need for oral medication. Other medications should be given, if necessary, according to instructions.

The cat should be kept indoors for a week after the surgery.

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