Preparing for a surgery


Your pet will be anaesthetized for the surgery. Due to patient security, it is important to remember the following:

The pet will be released after the surgery only when it has woken up or is waking up. Often it will not have the energy to walk on its own. It is useful to have a blanket, a carrying platform or someone to help and a car at hand.


Because the animal is anaesthetized for surgery and the surgery area must be sterile, it is important that gastrointestinal tract is empty and that there is no vomiting or defecating during the anaesthesia. The animal must fast 12 hours before the procedure. Food may not be offered, but the animal must have water.

Emptying the bowels

Emptying the bowels is ensured with an enema, and You should reserve enough time for it. The enema is given a few hours before the procedure. For example, if the surgery is before noon, give the enema early in the morning. The effects of the enema will start 15 minutes after administering it. You can get the enema (for example, Toilax) from the vet or from the pharmacy without prescription.

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