Anal gland surgery

Your pet has been anaesthetized for the surgery. Recovery from anaesthesia takes a full day. The animal should be kept floor level in a warm place without a draft when it is waking up. During waking up, the animal may exhibit restlessness, staggering and nausea. It might also wet or soil itself.

Food and water should only be offered in small amounts when the animal is fully awake. For a few days, dry food should be soaked. In the mornings, You can give Levolac-mixture to ease defecation. You can buy the mixture form the pharmacy without a prescription. The dosage is 2,5-5,0 ml/10 kg. You can also give easily digestible home food.

The wound should be rinsed in the morning, evening and after defecating. It should be done with warm water for at least 10 minutes at a time.

The pet must not damage the wound. This is prevented by wearing an e-collar until the stitches are removed. Free control check-up and removal of the stitches in approximately 10 days.

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